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19 Jul 2018

Acumen Ranked a Top 30 “House Firm” in the State of Tennessee

Acumen Wealth Advisors has been ranked by InvestmentNews as one of the top 30 largest Registered Investment Advisers (RIA’s) in the State of Tennessee.  Our firm was also ranked in the top five for average relationship size.  Acumen has grown to $175 million in assets under management (AUM) in six and half years of business. Click HERE to see the rankings.

16 Jul 2018


When Amy Stone, our Chief Operations and Compliance Officer, isn’t working hard in our office, she enjoys gardening and cooking for her family.   Amy has been enjoying this cold pasta salad this summer and is happy to share the recipe with you:  https://therecipecritic.com/california-spaghetti-salad/   CALIFORNIA SPAGHETTI SALAD A delicious spaghetti salad filled with fresh summer veggies and olives.  Topped with a zesty Italian dressing and parmesan cheese, this will be the hit of your next gathering!     Ingredients 1 pound […]

10 Jul 2018

Welcome Summer Intern Jesudhas “JP” Arnold to the Acumen Team

We are pleased to announce JP has joined our team for a 12-week internship this summer.  A native of Bangalore, India, JP is studying Economics at Covenant College and plans to graduate in May 2019.  JP has experience in statistical and economic analysis with econometric research papers and brings a fresh perspective to our team. He is studying methods to properly assess a client’s risk to make sure they are invested appropriately from a risk tolerance basis. Risk management involves understanding, analyzing, […]

28 Jun 2018

Acumen’s Perspective on the Increasing Trade Tensions

The mounting trade tensions between the United States and our trading partners have significantly increased the volatility of global markets. My recent experience meeting with money managers in Seoul and the upcoming meeting in Singapore, as well as the perspective of our portfolio management committee, is invaluable in navigating these turbulent times. Our committee met to discuss if any changes are needed to be made to portfolios considering the recent trade tensions, and we want to share our views with […]

25 Jun 2018

Trade Policies

While traveling in Asia to learn more about international investing, one can’t help but wonder if the recent trade policies could come back to bite us. We have a lot of industries, many of which generate revenue for American companies, that are not “exports” per the numbers. These companies are at Bali International Airport.    

23 Jun 2018

Service Experience

As we travel throughout Asia for both business and pleasure, we are reminded of the importance of service. Service can make or break an experience. Vacation time is so valuable and the experience can be enhanced by those working to make your time special. Hery and his crew made our three-day boat adventure through Komodo National Park in Indonesia some of the best days ever with their attentiveness and willingness to go above and beyond including finding manta rays and […]

22 Jun 2018

Employment in Retail Trade

The term “Retail Apocalypse” focuses on store closures and job losses implying jobs are being destroyed at an alarming rate. But, data suggests otherwise. As jobs are lost in retail, new jobs for drivers, warehouse operatives, web designers, data scientists, and customer service representatives are being created. The Progressive Policy Institute estimates once warehouse workers are taken into account, 54,000 more e-commerce jobs were added than brick-and-mortar jobs lost last year.1 Data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics also bears […]

14 Jun 2018

The HCDE’s Opportunity Zone 1st Outstanding Parent Awards Dinner

Acumen was proud to be a sponsor for HCDE’s Opportunity Zone 1st Outstanding Parent Awards Dinner recently.  It is evident when parents are involved, schools experience higher grades, and better test scores and graduation rates. In the Opportunity Zone, where academic improvements are greatly needed, some parents have dedicated time to serve in our schools.  Some parents have singlehandedly transformed the school’s PTA while others have given their time to support teachers and students. During the dinner, the program highlighted […]

30 May 2018
28 May 2018

What’s Next for Emerging Markets

Interestingly, one of our preferred large cap managers published a commentary on emerging market investing.  Acumen Wealth Advisors agrees with his stance of global diversification.  Our Portfolio Management Committee is mindful of risk management and currently even our most aggressive portfolios allocate no more than 8% to emerging market equities.  Return is very rarely attained without risk but risk must be closely monitored.