Portfolio Management

Portfolio Management

Acumen Wealth Advisors works to understand our clients’ goals, cash flow needs, and tolerance for risk. We listen to our clients wants and reconcile their needs. Next, we discuss how to adjust and assemble their portfolios. It is important to us our clients understand and are comfortable with our approach. To that end, we cut through the industry terminology and communicate clearly and understandably. We incorporate a multitude of factors in portfolio construction including tax liabilities, economic and market conditions, and potential concentrated stock positions. Only after we have assessed a client’s unique needs, we then develop the investment strategy personalized for them. The market is driven by greed and fear, and our disciplined approach keeps emotions out of the investment management process.

We manage our clients’ portfolio risk with prudent investment selection and due diligence, tactical asset allocation, and diversification. With our commitment to maintaining transparency and the highest standard of fiduciary responsibility, we conduct ongoing due diligence meetings of our money managers’ investment and operational practices. In addition to due diligence completed at the beginning of a business investment, we believe continued research helps capitalize on opportunities to discuss the money managers’ market outlook and insight into how this outlook impacts the positioning of client portfolios. The primary purpose of onsite due diligence at our money managers’ offices is to verify, cross-check, and analyze information. Also, the money managers provide increased levels of transparency into their strategy and portfolios during the visit. The onsite due diligence offers our team the opportunity to verify assertions, question the drivers of performance, better understand philosophy, and inspect all aspects of their operations.

The Portfolio Management Committee (PMC) is responsible for Acumen Wealth Advisors’ investment selections, tactical asset allocation changes, and overall investment strategy. The PMC has representation from portfolio management, financial planning, and compliance. Each committee member brings their experience and frame of reference to provide diversity of thinking and ideas to the decision-making process. The PMC considers global economic conditions as well as market outlook and valuations when reviewing investment selections and asset allocation changes. The tactical asset allocation process allows for increases or decreases in the equity or fixed income exposure of a portfolio, within the ranges of its stated investment objective. The shifts are designed to position portfolios to either participate more in market upside or protect during market downturns. Acumen invests in resources and technology allowing for timely implementation of tactical asset allocation and investment changes. Although neither asset allocation nor diversification protects against loss of principal due to market fluctuations, they are effective methods used to help manage investment risk.

The Acumen team prides itself on frequent, high quality communication. At times, managing client expectations is as important as managing their money. We provide portfolio performance reports to clients through dynamic reporting available instantly. Our portfolio management solution allows us to perform trade cost optimization, tax optimization, and investment policy monitoring on a real-time basis. Quarterly investment reports are clear, concise, and easily understood. Our goal is to keep clients informed and educated on how we are positioning their portfolios given the current economic and market conditions, allowing them to gain comfort and empower them to simply enjoy life. We encourage you to reach out to our team so we may demonstrate our strategic asset management capabilities.

Be greedy when others are fearful, and be fearful when others are greedy. Warren Buffett