The Big Case for Single-family Real Estate

March 16, 2021

When considering real estate as an investment, there are two predominant questions to consider.  What is the best TYPE of real estate to own and is NOW a good time to invest?  We believe single-family residential rentals represent a growth opportunity for now and the future.   According to a Gallup Poll, real estate remains one of the most favored investment to Americans and has ranked in the top spot every year since 2013.[1]  However, it can be a barrier for most investors because it can be considerable work.  We believe residential single-family housing is an ideal real estate investment and an important method to diversify an asset portfolio. 

It is our opinion there will be continued demand for single-family homes, particularly in a strong market like Tennessee.  Opportunity exists to capitalize on price and location in a time when Tennessee cities are projected to attract more business and generate employment opportunities.  While the future is bright for Tennessee real estate, there are also numerous barriers to entry.  Unlike other investments, real estate is not a passive investment.  From tenant relations to rent collection to maintenance requests, real estate can be very time consuming.  Procuring the right real estate investment requires knowledge and contacts in individual markets, particularly in high growth markets.  These investments also require a strong overview of industry knowledge relative to local zoning and ordinances, boundary and surveys, covenants, restrictions, HOAs, and property maintenance.  Many good opportunities require some cosmetic updates and remodeling and can also require improvements after tenants vacate.  The many factors and complexities to successful real estate investing serve to eliminate many would be investors from entering.  Conversely, having the knowledge and resources needed to navigate those same complexities and barriers can set the stage for a great investment with the potential to generate great returns and appreciation.

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