Our team at Acumen Wealth Advisors helps successful families achieve their financial objectives through education, leveraging the latest technology, strategic planning, and frequent communication to build trust and strong client relationships. These fundamentals allow our clients to feel informed, confident, and secure.

Acumen’s Core Values


We look after families, their assets, and help plan for their legacy. Clients can sense and feel our team’s energy, passion and integrity in what we do and how we do it.


We tell clients what we make, why we earn it, and are open with them about who we are and help them have a better understanding of what we are doing. We encourage conversation and invite our clients to ask questions. We help educate and thoroughly explain details so clients feel more involved and engaged in investment decisions.


We enhance the client experience with specialized, skilled and knowledgeable teams for portfolio management, financial planning, client service, and retirement. We work extremely quickly, efficiently, and pride ourselves in thoughtful responsiveness. We add unique intellectual value and always do what is in our client’s best interest.


We take responsibility and ownership for our actions. We take pride in our follow through and attention to detail. We are informative, professional, confidential, thorough, and timely.


We gather a lot of information and are intentional, flexible, tactical and innovative. We make investments in technology and marketing and enhance the client experience.


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Acumen Wealth Advisors is a Registered Investment Adviser (RIA)

As fiduciaries regulated under the Investment Advisers Act of 1940, Registered Investment Adviser’s (RIAs) are held by law to the highest standard of responsibility to their clients.

Under this fiduciary standard, RIAs are, thereby, required to always act in their clients’ best interests. Clients can expect this standard from Acumen Wealth Advisors and we are proud to embrace this responsibility.

Acumen Wealth Advisors, as a Registered Investment Adviser, offers numerous services including:

  • Broad selection of investment solutions tailored to meet the needs of our clients. We are not tied to any particular family of funds or investment products.
  • Enhanced relationship by allowing us to continue to make independent, transparent, objective decisions based on our client’s individual needs and financial goals.
  • Freedom to develop a business model directly tied to our industry knowledge and passion.
  • Fee-based structure based on a percentage of assets, an incentive to help grow your assets.
  • Assets are held at an independent custodian.
  • Publicly disclosed details about our firm by filing a Form ADV directly with the Securities and Exchange Commission.

Business Acumen

The word “acumen” describes depth of perception and comprehension of a subject matter. We chose to name our firm, Acumen Wealth Advisors, because of our team’s focus to apply business acumen. Financial leaders with business acumen have a keen understanding of finance and evaluate business situations to incorporate opportunities and mitigate risk, leading to a favorable outcome. These experienced leaders consistently use sound judgment and insight by thoroughly knowing their clients and helping them achieve their financial objectives.

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