Acumen is committed to deploying sophisticated technology to deliver real-time investment implementation, due diligence information, communication of changes, and secure information to our clients.  It is important for our clients to have easy access to their account information, practical financial tools, and resources at their fingertips.

This technology includes detailed and timely comprehensive views of their financial situation, the ability to connect all their accounts for a consolidated view of their complete financial position, and the ability for our team to customize financial reports based on their individual needs.

AcuTrac Client Portal
powered by Tamarac

AcuTrac Client Portal powered by Tamarac provides a detailed and timely comprehensive view of clients’ financial picture, integrates with AcuPlan powered by eMoney to view clients’ financial planning data, integrates with our custodian, Schwab, and offers advanced security features including dual-factor authentication.


Acumen Wealth Advisors has created a customized mobile app for our clients to access their AcuTrac Client Portal powered by Tamarac conveniently and securely anytime.  We realize the importance of enhancing the client experience in today’s digital environment and leveraging the power of AcuTrac.


Tamarac Rebalancer allows Acumen to monitor and efficiently implement investment strategy changes across client portfolios.  We customize client portfolios leveraging tax optimization, monitor their accounts for trading triggers, make tactical trades, execute trades directly with our custodian, Schwab, reconcile trades from the previous day, and leverage tax loss harvesting strategies.


Tamarac Reporting provides our firm the ability to customize reports to meet our clients’ needs including performance, holdings, transactions, composites, and business intelligence reporting.


  • 2017 Wealth Management Industry Award for Best Client Portal
  • 2016 Wealth Management Industry Award for Best Rebalancer
  • 2017 and 2018 Family Wealth Report Awards for Best Portfolio Management System

AcuPlan powered by eMoney

AcuPlan powered by eMoney is comprehensive financial planning software offering our clients both goals-based and cash flow-based analyses, and projections.


Schwab Alliance provides easy access to account information, and offers practical financial tools and resources empowering clients to manage account details on their own.

Monitor Your Accounts Easily and Securely

  • Get instant access to account information online or with the Schwab mobile app.
  • Stay informed on the status of requests and securely approve transactions.
  • Keep your contact information up to date so you can be notified.
  • Count on secure, paperless delivery of important documents.
  • Conveniently deposit checks from your phone or tablet.
  • Grant View Only access to third parties, such as CPAs, attorneys, and family members.
  • Enhance your account security by adding two-factor authentication.


Acumen Wealth Advisors believes cybersecurity is of the utmost importance and continually strives to create the most secure electronic procedures and methods possible.  We work diligently to stay informed with the latest issues and have policies and procedures in place to help safeguard your information.

Our custodian, Schwab, offers the Schwab Security Guarantee in which Schwab will cover 100% of any losses in any of your Schwab accounts due to unauthorized activity.  For more information, click here.


Our state-of-the-art video conferencing system allows us to bring in partners offering solutions to our clients we serve throughout the United States.

Stay Informed/Schedule a Meeting

Acumen believes in the value and power of education.  We routinely deliver relevant information to our clients, so they can make informed decisions on important financial matters.  One of Acumen’s educational tools is our newsletter, Market Insights.

We encourage you to sign up for Market Insights to stay up to date with changes in current economic conditions and learn more about our firm’s perspective and investment strategies. You can also schedule a meeting to discover ways we can help you and your family.