Philanthropic Advisory

Empowering Generations and Changing Lives Through Philanthropy

Family Philanthropy

Through our Philanthropic Advisory service, Acumen Wealth Advisors assists clients to identify and align their values with charitable organizations. Helping clients structure their philanthropy and charitable support in a tax-efficient manner is rewarding.

Understanding gifting methods serves both the needs of our clients and the grantee’s financial and tax objectives.

Forms of gifting are:

  • Charitable gifting during life
  • Generational gifting
  • Charitable inclinations at death
  • Donor-advised funds
  • Estate planning

Our charitably inclined clients donate to nonprofits for many reasons including:

  • They report greater happiness levels.
  • Confidence stems from aligning goals with values.
  • Empathy and compassion drives giving to those who are less fortunate.
  • Social connections and meeting like-minded individuals.

Foundations and Endowments

Foundations and endowments are the enduring legacies of philanthropic contributions, with the purpose of positively impacting our communities. At Acumen Wealth Advisors, we find inspiration in assisting boards in fulfilling their missions. Recognizing that foundations and endowments are designed for longevity, we appreciate the need for a distinct approach. Our team collaborates with foundations and their boards to enhance their investment policies, oversee, and report on foundation performance, and work alongside donors to craft meaningful philanthropic gifts.

Foundations and endowments are managed by boards and committees with evolving memberships yet with a unified mission: optimizing resources for positive impact. To ensure alignment with their core objectives, Acumen takes the time to understand the mission and collaborates in crafting a tailored Investment Policy Statement (IPS). Recognizing the distinct needs for foundations and endowments, we invite the opportunity to showcase how our team can bolster your mission.

Additional Services

In addition to charitable strategies, we provide thoughtful financial planning and investment management, tax and business advisory, estate planning, real estate investing, and private asset management services.  Rather than just one advisor, each of our clients has their own team of in-house specialists.

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