We are committed to providing you information and resources in these evolving times. We have created this page containing important updates about what is happening with the market, economy and government during this time.

Below you will find resources for business owners and personal financial planning, along with Acumen’s market insights regarding COVID-19.


CARES Act Executive Summary by American Bankers Association (ABA)

CARES Act Guide for Small Business Owners

CARES Act for Retirement Plan Sponsors

11 Ways to Keep Your Cool in a Crazy Market

Market Timing: Time – Not Timing – is on Your Side

Weathering the Storm: Reacting to the Current Financial Climate

Working from Home Best Practices

News and Updates


COVID 19 Hazard Mitigation – Use of Portable Indoor Air Cleaners in Office Buildings

COVID-19 is known to be transmitted mainly in aerosol droplets exhaled from the lungs. Data shows that when people speak,…

Acumen’s Market Insights & Commentaries

Acumen’s COVID-19 Update: June 23, 2020

Acumen Wealth Advisors is committed to providing information and resources in these evolving times to help you make decisions for…


Coronavirus Travel Update by Skyscanner

Information is changing every day which can make it hard to keep up with the facts that are most relevant…


Stimulus = Inflation? Why It May Be Different This Time

05/27/20 – With the Federal Reserve and the federal government providing massive stimulus to the economy in the face of…

Acumen’s Market Insights & Commentaries

Acumen’s Commentary on Drop in Oil

04/21/20 Out of everything we have seen in the financial markets thus far in 2020, the jaw-dropping collapse in the…

Acumen’s Market Insights & Commentaries

Acumen’s Q1 2020 Market Commentary

04/16/20 What Happened So far, 2020 has been a complete wild card.  You may remember our commentary reflecting on the…

Acumen’s Market Insights & Commentaries

CARES Act Summary for Retirement Plan Sponsors

04/09/20 The COVID-19 pandemic has made its impact throughout the United States.  Not only has it had a significant effect…


How to Put Your Financial Affairs in Order

04/07/20 Crises make us see the world differently. Things that seemed important yesterday can quickly become overshadowed by fast-changing events.

Acumen’s Market Insights & Commentaries

Small Business Provisions in Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security (CARES) Act – Paycheck Protection Program Information

03/31/20 Congress has reached a bipartisan compromise on a $2 trillion economic stimulus package to address the economic impact caused…

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