Signing up for Schwab

Easy, secure access

Signing up for Schwab Alliance gives you access to your account information virtually anytime, anywhere, while saving time and paperwork. Designed for investors like you, our website and mobile app enable you to stay informed about your accounts while
still relying on the one-on-one guidance provided by your independent advisor.

Monitor your accounts easily and securely

Ask us to initiate your online access to Schwab Alliance—it’s free, fast, and easy.

Set up account access one of two ways

Option 1

  1. The easiest way: Ask your advisor to initiate your online enrollment. You’ll receive an email with a link to get started. If the link has expired ask your advisor to resend.
  2. Verify your personal information. You’ll need to enter information such as your Social Security number and brokerage account number through our secure interface. Your account number is the eight-digit number at the top of your statement. If you own more than one account, you can enter any one of those account numbers.

Option 2

  1. Initiate enrollment on your own (requires additional verification steps). Go to and click “New User?”
  2. Verify your personal information. Follow step 2 in Option 1.
  3. A list of securities will appear, and you must verify which of these are held in your account. If your account is new and assets haven’t yet transferred, select “NONE OF THE ABOVE.”
  4. Select primary account. Create a nickname for your account and select the purpose (optional).
  5. Create your login ID and password. Choose a secret question and answer to make any future password resets easier. For your own security, do not share this information with anyone, including your advisor.
  6. Verify information. If anything is inaccurate, click “Change Information.”
  7. Review and accept user agreements. Review the user agreements and click “Agree” for each to accept their terms.
  8. Enroll in paperless delivery. Sign up for electronic delivery of key account documents. You can enroll all eligible accounts or select specific accounts for documents you wish to enroll.

If you already have online access to Schwab Alliance, go directly to to sign up for electronic delivery.
If you have any questions or need further assistance, call a Schwab Alliance specialist at 1-800-515-2157 or ask your investment advisor to initiate your online enrollment.